Frugal Mom Eh

Hi! I’m Elizabeth Lampman, and welcome to The Campfire Calls!

I live in Thorold, Ontario with my husband and our two young girls, Keira and Ava.

I was a successful IT professional before finding out that I was truly in love with being a stay-at-home mom and professional Canadian blogger.

About The Campfire Calls

The Campfire Calls is a blog dedicated to spending time in the great outdoors.

Here you will find tips, tricks and reviews of all things camping related.

Find gear for hiking, backpacking & other outdoor activities. Reviews on tents, sleeping bags, stoves and more!

I love camping. I grew up spending the summers of my childhood camping with my family in the great outdoors.

Now, I use every chance I get to go out into nature. It’s no surprise that I grew up to become an avid camper myself!

I have learned more than just the basics over the years, mostly from watching and learning from my parents. I am passionate about helping others learn to appreciate the outdoors and immerse themselves in the wild.

Work with Me!

I love to work with brands that are a good fit for me and my readers! Collaborate with me on fun, creative campaigns that will really connect with my audience.

I have been working with brands since 2012 and would love to discuss your ideas!

Here are some ideas of how we can partner together.

  • Creative or informative sponsored posts
  • Long term ambassadorships
  • Recipe development featuring your brand
  • Giveaways

Please e-mail me at TheCampfireCalls@gmail.com for my media kit & rate sheet. I look forward to discussing your ideas!